Fungal α-amylase desizing: A fungal amylase enzyme-based desizing agent, Amylzyme RT converts starch to glucose and is best used in temperatures ranging between 40 to 70°C and is suitable for exhaust application and pad batch process.

Amylzyme RT Conc is a concentrated version of ‘Amylzyme RT’ which can be easily diluted at customer end.

Bacterial α-amylase desizing:

Amylzyme HT CONC is a thermostable bacterial (α) alpha amylase enzyme specific in action to convert starch into glucose. It is a concentrated desizing agent stable to a wide range of pH from 4.0 to 9.5. It is best to use in temperatures ranging between 80 to 110°C. Amylzyme HT CONC is suitable for exhaust application, continuous and semi-continuous process.

Amylzyme HT ECO is a design to complete hydrolysis of starch from cotton and its blend. It is thermostable and can be efficiently used in exhaust, continuous and semi-continuous process.

Amylzyme Conc is a thermostable high concentrated alpha amylase desizing agent for formulation. It can be diluted without any hassle.

Oxidative desizing:

Cottsize COD, an oxidative desizing agent phosphorus and APEO free liquid with wetting, dispersing and detergent properties, is used for desizing and scouring cellulose and its blends.