G2 Fielder
G2 Fielder is an acrylic copolymer with multifunctional properties. It has good sequestering, dispersing and flocculation properties which help in the pretreatment, dyeing and washing off process. It also has a high complexing power with calcium, magnesium, ferric and copper that does not react with the dye molecule. The dispersing and complexing property helps to improve the penetration and levelness of dyeing. G2 Fielder improves the fastness of dyed goods when used in the washing off process through its High TDS stability, complexing and dispersing property. 
Dyecare Easy
Dyecare Easy has a powerful dispersant property and is able to increase dye solubility. To control the exhaustion of reactive dyes by the uniform distribution of dye molecules during the absorption phase of binary and tertiary shades, shade reproducibility is ensured.  
Dyecare Eco
Dyecare Eco is an acrylic copolymer product that an economical dye bath conditioner uses for reactive, vat and sulphur dyeing. It has good dispersant and chelating properties. It effectively disperses impurities removed during the scour bleach process. 
Polycare DL Conc
It is a blend of aromatic compounds and aliphatic polyglycol ether base. Polycare DL Conc is a non-ionic dispersing cum leveling agent that has dispersant and leveling properties which improve levelness when used in poor leveling out disperse dyes. Due to its improving dispersion stability of dyebath and leveling with migration property, it can be used in faulty dyeing correction with high concentration dosage.

Dyewash Premium
Dyewash Premium is a modified polyacrylic acid. It’s a concentrate washing off agent for reactive, vat and sulphur dyeing. The acid has dispersant and chelating properties, which allow it to be used as a soaping agent that can strike a balance between the removal of unfixed dyestuff and prevention of redeposition.
Dyewash ECO
Dyewash Eco is a modified polyacrylic acid that is an economical washing off agent for reactive, vat and sulphur dyeing. It is a powerful washing off agent for reactive, direct, vat or sulphur dye in machines like Soft flow, winch or Jigger. A dispersant character, moderate calcium and magnesium chelating property enables it to be used for the control of hardness forming ions, which can be present in the soaping bath and comes from salt, soda, caustic and water. 
Dyewash Neutra Free
Dyewash Neutra Free is a modified polyacrylic acid and a neutralizer cum reactive washing off agent. It is acidic in nature and has dispersant, chelating and alkali neutralizing properties which facilitates its use as a dyeing and soaping agent neutralizer. It can strike a balance between the removal of unfixed dyestuff and prevention of redeposition. 
Reduz HP Conc
Reduz HP Conc is a specially developed reducing agent used in the reduction clearing process instead of sodium hydrosulphite and caustic soda. It can be used without caustic as it decomposes the dye unfixed which then becomes water soluble and leads to a reduction clearing process. Reduz HP Conc works at an acidic pH with no need of neutralization after the reduction process.
Dyewash LMW
A modified acrylic copolymer and concentrate base washing off agent for reactive dyeing, Dyewash LMW completely removes hydrolyzed and weekly bonded dyes. It has a long chain of high molecules more stable to high TDS and hard water during the reactive washing process, which removes hydrolyzed dyes from the fabric and prevents it from redepositing on the substrate. It helps to reduce the washing cycle and saves water, energy and process time. 
Indigo SC
This is an anti back staining agent which is best used in denim desizing and bio washing. Indigo SC is best used in the washing and finishing process for reactive printed goods and yarn-dyed substrates in the washing and finishing process.

Dyecare NF 65
Dyecare NF 65 is a non-formaldehyde, polyamine base dye fixing agent which when applied after the dyeing process, its cations combine with the dye anions and form an insoluble or sparingly soluble complex molecule inside the fibre structure. Hence, it improves the washing as well as rubbing fastness of dyed cellulosic material.
Dyecare FD 60
It is a blend of formaldehyde-based cationic dye fixing agents for reactive and direct wet dyes. The rub fastness of reactive and direct dyes improves thanks to treatment with Dyecare FD 60 liquid. The product has minimum effect on the light fastness and shade of the treated fabric.
Dyecare RFE
Dyecare RFE is a long chain cationic polymer based dye fixing agent that is used after treatment to reactive and direct dyed and printed goods. The molecules of Dyecare RFE which have long cations unite with hydrolyzed dye long anion molecules and form a complex chain with increased molecule size. This complex molecule has lower water solubility and diffusion rates and cannot be washed out which leads to better washing fastness.