The name is derived from people’s expectations being simplified to one process. G2 made what People always dreamt of; an incredible process greatly advanced than prevailing conventional processes of our cotton textile industry.


  • Introduce for the First time in the World
  • Smart & Soft pre-treatment, retains original softness of cotton
  • No Chemicals – No Caustic (Noah), No Peroxide (H202) – Natural Processing


  • Significantly Lowers Overhead Cost by Reducing Water Consumption upto 75% and Reduce Energy Consumption upto 67%
  • Reduce Effluents – Low COD, BOD & TDS
  • Reduce Process Time up to 80% thus increases production without any additional investment
  • Weight & Strength Gain vs. conventional
  • Consistent Results


Grab specifics of this unbelievable process according to your specific requirements –

  • Progen Bleach – For CBR
  • Progen Terry – For Towels
  • Progen Combed – For Knits
  • Progen + – For absolutely Effluent-free Process


Precisely, Dream process is for

‘Sustainable Cotton Processing’

Need of an hour is to take care of Production, Profit and Sustainability,

Dream Process…delights in every manner.