Firm fabrics with Tender Bio-scouring in CBR

Bio-scouring is an eco-friendly version of scouring. Recently, Bio-scouring has been evolved as a magical wonder for Textile Processing Industry. There are enormous benefits of Bio-scouring but limited to batch process.

G2, with its Technology and R&D team is bringing the revolution, for the first time in the history of Textile processing industry, bio-scouring especially developed for Continuous process – PROGEN BLEACH

Essential Qualities –

  • Reduce water and chemical consumption
  • Improve quality of fabric and
  • Reduce quantity of effluents (COD, BOD, TDS) along with toxic characteristics thus requiring minimal treatment.
  • The process is accompanied with eco friendly mild condition process

Progen Bleach is originated by the technological experts of Germany using world’s finest R&D.  It is proven that lots of Chemicals hampers the natural Quality and softness of Fabric, however, Enzymes retain the maximum strength and quality.

Progen Bleach facilitates coloring of all shades including white.

Application: Knits & Woven Textile processing houses with CBR machinery set up.


High pH can lead to pinholes and

lower Degree of Polymerization.

Low pH process will help to take

care of these issues.