Premium Knits are only a step away with Progen!

Progen Combed efficiently removes kitties without harming the strength of cotton in a single shot and at lower temperature thus saving loads of energy, water and time. This process also controls your company effluents for good environmental reasons. Progen Combed takes your dream of manufacturing spotlessly clean fabric and turns it to a profitable reality.  

Essential Qualities –

  • Strictly kicks out all the seed particles
  • Softness & Smoothness
  • Positively suitable for Pestle, Medium and Dark shades.
  • Curtails Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint
  • Reduces Effluent (COD, BOD, TDS)
  • No Caustic (NaoH) and No Peroxide (H2O2)
  • Conveniently short process


Application: Cotton knits processing units.


No. of Pre-treatment Bath

Time (in Minutes)


Water Consumption

Weight Reduction (With Bio - in %)

Effluent Volume (%)

Effluent pH