Chemical Free, Zero Effluent pre-treatment process

Progen+ accurately fulfills the purpose of scouring and bleaching, removes 3% cellulosic impurities & natural coloring matter along with preserving cellulosic structure and natural softness of cotton.

Progen+ holds the innovative technology for chemical free process and zero discharge of effluents. Bioscouring and bio-bleaching processes are carried out at lower temperature with neutral pH without the use of chemicals. This unique process makes cotton hydrophilic efficiently and smoothly.

Essential Qualities –

  • Zero Effluent discharge technology
  • Super Softness
  • Absolutely Absorbent
  • Bulkiness & fluffiness
  • No Caustic (NaoH) and No Peroxide (H2O2)
  • Curtails Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint
  • No Neutralization process
  • No Finishing process
  • Excellent Whiteness
  • Saving Water & Energy


Application: Cotton knits & Towel processing units.