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First Company in the world to offer absolutely unique products in Cotton Processing Industry.

about usToday, Cotton represents one-third of the world textile Natural fiber demand. Cotton originally has amazing qualities of Softness, Unique Handle, High Strength and high Degree of Polymerization.

Everybody is aware of current cotton pre-treatment methods which are highly energy, chemical and water intensive; research have shown that chemically treated cotton clothes are causing allergies and very unfriendly to environment as well as to human health. To ensure safety many state governments have imposed strict norms to stop effluent and as companies are not able to follow rules they are trying to shift industries from highly developed places to under development areas. This is a temporary solution, unsafe for places where textile factories are operating. The permanent solution is to adopt sustainable processes to stop all the harm conventional processing is making to environment.

Sustainability is pursuing a route of safe processes where environment as well as human health is ensured. Greenwave Global connects the world of cotton with sustainability through its absolute exceptional offerings.

Greenwave Global (G2) has made a revolutionary change in the Cotton Processing Process in the textile industry through environmentally safe enzymes and specialty polymers.
Ask us why G2 was born and the answer is, “to change Textile Processing Industry for better through our extraordinary solutions”. We are aiming for economic prosperity with environmental quality.

G2 pledges to follow and encourage the path of sustainability, thereby preserving a better environment for future generations.


We wish to unlock the world of Green Technologies so as to offer sustainable solutions to our customers to help them achieve consistent growth and to make our planet greener for the generations to come.


By the end of this decade we plan to provide green solutions worth $ 50 million a year and to spread the wave globally.


Code of Conduct
  • We believe offering eco-friendly products to sustain our earth in the most beautiful way. Thus, we only promote solutions best for your living.
  • We understand our customers help us grow and we make sure to keep you on priority and serve you to the perfection.
  • We are committed to Innovation to help you make out best of the possibilities available. Our innovative and sustainable products depict our leadership in world for solutions never been offered before.
  • We follow ethical business practices as we wish to become role model for our future generations.

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