Detergents do a tremendous job of getting rid of the dirt and grime in our fabrics, ever wondered at what cost does this come?

Conventional detergents can contain ingredients that aren’t good for you, your clothes, or aquatic ecosystems where the dirty water is destined. A Phosphate component in conventional laundry negatively affects ecosystems and marine life.

To improvise our present scenario and to preserve our ecology, fortunately there are eco-friendly detergents available that are readily biodegradable and phosphate-free and are either made from plant-and vegetable-based ingredients (instead of petroleum-based), or tree seeds, this means they’re healthier for the planet, from production to rinse cycle. These are often gentler on skin, too.

Chemical based detergents have multiple disadvantages which are not popularly known by common people. Considering the toxicities of their chemical ingredients and carbon cost of production, it’s not surprising that laundry carbon emissions are same as car emissions per year.

It’s time to switch to healthy alternatives for laundering. Laundry uses up resources and produces waste, all of which affect the environment. We believe it’s our job to reduce this impact, both in the way we make our products, and by helping people make small changes to the way they use them.

KLENZ is a unique eco-friendly & absolutely harmless enzyme based detergent for Laundry. An enzymatic laundry detergent powder with great cleaning power to serve all your laundry needs and wishes goodbye to all the tough stains that you regularly face.  

KLENZ can efficiently remove or fade many types of stains, including chocolate, coffee, lipstick, grease, ink, oil, rust, blood etc.

KLENZ is absolutely safe on delicate fabrics, softly removes all the stains, preserves color of fabric while brighten and scenting the clothes. It uses an advance cleaning power identical to the system used by many hospital and hotel.

Essential Qualities:

  • Phosphate free
  • Biodegradable
  • No Caustic
  • No Chemicals
  • Prevents re-depositing of color
  • Definitely safe for humans and environment