Ensure your towel is different…

A towel is the first fabric you use on your body daily! So do check for surety twice before buying a towel. A few uncompromising qualities you should look into a bath towel are Softness, Absorbency, bulkiness and assurance that towel will remain soft after every wash.

A towel has to be tender to avoid harsh friction with body, it is a responsibility of textile unit to adopt superior processing methods to produce towels which are pleasant to body and environment, in turn, the manufacturer will not have to sell the product but customers will delightfully ask for the product.

Customers look for softness and bulkiness in the towel, ‘Progen Terry’ gets amazing 70 to 80 % water retention and removes all the foreign and natural impurities without affecting the structure cellulose of cotton. The process gets completed with ease and the client receives best quality.

Essential Qualities –

  • Super Softness
  • Absolutely Absorbent
  • Bulkiness & fluffiness
  • Curtails Effluent efficiently
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint
  • No Caustic (NaoH) and No Peroxide (H2O2)
  • Large Pile Height


Applications: Cotton Towel Manufacturing Industry


No. of Pre-treatment Bath

Time (in Minutes)


Weight Reduction (in %)

Water Consumption

Water Retention

Effluent Load